Why contact us?

As a parent, it can be difficult to know when to seek professional help. Symptoms and warning signs can be subtle and hard to identify.

Red flags can include:

  • Difficulty with speech sounds
  • Lack of clarity when speaking
  • Difficulty understanding games, conversations or following directions
  • Difficulty making / maintaining friendships
  • Low self-confidence
  • Attention / Behavioural difficulties

In bilingual children, red flags can depend on whether the acquisition of the languages has been simultaneous or sequential. It is always best to consult a speech pathologist experienced in bilingualism whenever there is a concern.

Early identification and intervention plays a significant role in helping to reduce or minimise the impact of communication difficulties.

Early intervention is the best prevention.

Why Choose Orthophonie Sydney?

  • We are an established practice and have been helping French speaking individuals in Sydney and beyond since 2000.
  • The practice is run by an accredited certified practitioner in Australia. Adherence to national standard practice guidelines is paramount to ensure your child is receiving the best treatment, guidance and support, and to allow Medicare and health fund rebates where possible.
  • The practice only collaborates with fully qualified, experienced and bilingual speech pathologists, all of them being native French speakers.
  • We have long standing collaborations with French language educational providers and associations in Sydney, such as Lycée Condorcet, The International French School of SydneyKillarney Heights Public SchoolTaren Point Public SchoolAlliance Française de SydneySydney AccueilFrench Association of the North Shore (FANS), etc.
  • We can leverage from an extensive network of professional colleagues – psychologists, neuropsychologists, occupational therapists, developmental pediatricians, etc. who commonly refer to us and whom we will refer to if necessary.
  • We have a multitude of French and English language tests which can reliably assess abilities in all areas of oral and written communication as well as numeracy.
  • We provide detailed formal reports for all ages, including teens who need special provisions for their exams at school.
  • We have a multitude of language specific materials and resources we can use to best meet the needs of our bilingual clients, but mostly keep therapy engaging and fun!