Ms Yolande Nève

Yolande Nève received her Speech Pathology qualification from the Haute École Marie Haps de Bruxelles. Having dual belgian and australian citizenships, Yolande is perfectly bilingual in French and English, has good knowledge of Spanish and Portuguese, as well as basic knowledge of Dutch and Belgian Sign Language.

Her interest in languages and foreign cultures allowed her to work with mostly bilingual children over the last 5 years. During her years in private practice, as well as within a primary school, her patients included children aged 3 to 15 years having difficulties with oral language, literacy, numeracy, as well as myofunctional disorders.

Yolande is mostly passionate about literacy. She furthered her knowledge with additional training in grammar and cognitive processes. She also completed training in dysgraphia in order to provide additional support to a range of patients on her caseload.

Yolande also holds a qualification in teaching at high school level. During her experience teaching French to adolescents and preschool age children, she has endeavored to make and keep learning fun. Through play, her main objective was to get her students to (re)build trust in their own abilities for learning. Yolande’s excellent multilingual profile was retained for a collaboration within Orthophonie Sydney, where French or francophone families residing in Sydney and beyond can benefit from her skills.