Ms Sahra Le Gallais

Sahra Le Gallais obtained her degree in Speech Pathology with High Distinction at the Haute École Marie Haps de Bruxelles (Belgium). She then realised several internships in France to obtain the French equivalence, the Certificat de Capacité d’Orthophoniste. She is currently affiliated with the Agence Régionale de Santé (ARS).

After working in a private practice in France, Ms Le Gallais gained international experience in New Caledonia working with children and adolescents who presented with speech, language, literacy and numeracy difficulties. The vast majority of her clients had indigenous dialects as their first language, and presented with difficulties directly linked with the co-existence of multiple language systems. Issues relating to bilingualism / multilingualism have been at the heart of her treatment process throughout this experience.

Ms Le Gallais is a passionate professional whose objective is to offer quality support and treatment to children having speech pathology needs, whilst treasuring the wealth of their multicultural and linguistically diverse upbringing. Her excellent profile was selected for a collaboration within Orthophonie Sydney, where French or francophone families residing in Sydney and Australia can benefit from her skills.