Orthophonie Sydney is an established speech pathology practice that has helped children, adolescents and adults in Sydney and beyond since 2000. We support individuals who have difficulties with speech, language, learning to read and write, numeracy or simply find it challenging to navigate a context of bilingualism / multilingualism.

We have helped countless individuals, whether they are schooled in the French curriculum, a French-English bilingual one, or even attend an Australian school whilst having French spoken at home.

Our accredited and experienced speech pathologists are native French speakers, fully bilingual in both French and English and often multilingual. As such, they have an in-depth understanding of the particular speech, language and literacy needs of children who are growing up bilingually or in a multilingual context.

Finding the right support for your French speaking or bilingual / multilingual child will be instrumental to them reaching their full potential and strive in a rich linguistic context, or when French is a spoken language at home or at school. In fact, if English is not the only language your child is exposed to, your child’s true language capabilities could well be underestimated should they be assessed in that language only.

If your child appears to be struggling, or if you have any concerns / doubts about their speech, language, literacy or numeracy development, Orthophonie Sydney can help.

No doctor referral necessary. Start getting help today, face-to-face or online. Medicare, Australian or international health fund rebates may apply.